What about the book of Revelation? There is undeniable evidence that the Bible is divinely inspired regarding all. Billy Sunday once said, “When the Bible says one thing, and scholarship says another, scholarship can go plumb to the devil. A person can depend upon all the doctrines and all the prophecies contained within the Bible! God makes it clear; you can trust every word from the Bible.

Timothy from a child even had understanding into the Scriptures.

2 Tim. 3:15 And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

Might I add that Timothy did not have any original to read, I’m sure copies of copies.

Paul said, “2 Cor 2:17 For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ. {corrupt: or, deal deceitfully with} {in Christ: or, of Christ}

The apostle tells us that false apostles corrupt the word of God. When God started to show me the many ways the Word of God is being changed today, my alarm went off with many questions as to why we simple folk are not being warned of the subtle changes. Then I had to look directly at myself for being deceived by the subtlety of our adversary. I was warned of how easy it is to be deceived!

Their (false apostles, teachers) own inventions and imaginations, were giving a different doctrine. Just like the Word is being changed, the Word is now being delivered not as the pure Word of God, but it is a deadly mix and might I add God hates the mix.

All it takes is a little poison.

What are the teachings on Revelation within our Nazarene Denomination?What does the Bible say about the Earth’s future? about Heaven? about Hell?

Should it matter?

Dan Boone speaking at the 2007 Mission Conference in Kansas City. In this Breakout session, Dr. Boone speaks on the book of Revelation and how to teach it to the youth of today. Using his Book “Answers for Chicken Little” as a guide as well as our Wesleyan and Nazarene Heritage to explain and guide us to a better understanding of the Book of Revelation?

Is this what John Wesley taught about Scripture?

Teaching Revelation to the Postmodern Crowd- click

Answers For Chicken Little by Dan Boone

Many voices speaking today about the end times sound a lot like Chicken Little: they prophesy doom and destruction, the Antichrist and Armageddon. All this apocalyptic speculation creates an atmosphere of sensationalism and dread–but the Revelation of Jesus to John was meant to bring hope. Too many Christians have become hesitant to study this book of the Bible because of the confusion that surrounds it. But as an experienced pastor, Dan Boone affirms that any child of God can read and understand the truth of Revelation. His friendly, conversational style brings the message of Revelation into the idiom of life in our contemporary world. This book will help readers understand: The context of the Revelation and what it meant to the churches of that day The characteristics of apocalyptic and prophetic literature and how they are meant to be read The application that this important book of the Bible holds for our lives today Answers for Chicken Little gives a responsible interpretation of Revelation that replaces predictions of doom with a compelling vision of who Jesus is and of His message about living as a redeemed people with hope for the future.

Teaching Revelation to the Postmodern Crowd

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Emerging Church?  What is it?

What is Emergent?

Tim Keel, Mike King, Sean Heston, Jon Middendorf, Greg Horton & Brian Hull


Jon Middendorf

Emerging Theology

Tim Condor

The Church in Transition


Tim Conder

Missional Approaches to Community


Tim Keel


Reckoning with Intuition: Rediscovering Imagination and Releasing Creativity in the Local Church


Tim Keel & Mike King

Emerging Spiritually

In closing Jesse Middendorf and others have been contacted on the concerns I have for the Church, another Nazarene just resently received the very same letter that was sent out to me months ago. Here is a quote from Jesse Middendorf on the Emergent Church:

“We do not endorse those “emergent churches: or leaders who are not orthodox in their theology. The involvement of many of our young pastors and students in the conversation is an attempt to embrace the positive dimensions while clearly articulating an orthodox interpretation of Scripture and theology.”

Brothers and Sisters I have listened to the above Breakout Session, which were at our 2007 Missional Conference and you would be hard pressed to call them an orthodox interpretation of Scripture and theology in the way of John Wesley.

God bless


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