“Evangelicals and Catholics Together” (ECT):

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Nazarene Denomination?

The roots of the ECT movement date back to a meeting in 1985 of Christian leaders. Charles Colson of the Prison Fellowship Ministries organized the meeting. Rev. Richard Neuhaus of the Institute on Religion and Public Life, and Carl Henry, editor and founder of Christianity Today addressed the group. “There was a common acceptance the Christian culture was no longer an influence on modern society, that envy, greed and hatred rules people’s lives and that crime without conscience has caused violence to increase to alarming proportions. To add to this, religion had become an irrelevancy to the majority of people.” Many at the meeting felt that a cooperative effort by the two largest and most conservative wings of Christianity in North America — Roman Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity — was needed. 8

A group of leading American Roman Catholics and Evangelical Protestants joined together in 1992-SEP to seek unity between their two groups. They decided this step as “essential for continued missionary expansion into the third millennium.” They acknowledged that past conflicts were seen as crippling the progress of the Gospel. “Involving, as it did, both evangelical and Roman Catholic leaders, it was truly a monumental statement…it was an ecumenical document of supreme importance since it represented a combined effort by leading spokesmen to ‘bury the hatchet’…and work together as ‘teammates’ instead of antagonists…It laments the division between them and proposes a moratorium on Catholic / evangelical conflict.” 1

There were 21 Evangelicals and 20 Roman Catholic participants. The group included:

  Mr. Charles Colson Prison Fellowship;
  Fr. Juan Diaz-Vilar S.J. Catholic Hispanic Ministries;
  Fr. Avery Dulles S.J. Fordham University;
  Bishop Francis George OMI Diocese of Yakima, Washington;
  000——–Dr. Kent Hill Eastern Nazarene College;——000
  Dr. Richard Land Christian Life Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention;
  Dr. Larry Lewis Home Missions Board of the Southern Baptist Convention;
  Dr. Jesse Miranda Assemblies of God;
  Msgr. William Murphy Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Boston;
  Fr. Richard John Neuhaus Institute on Religion and Public Life;
  Mr. Brian O’Connell World Evangelical Fellowship;
  Mr. Herbert Schlossberg Fieldstead Foundation;
  Archbishop Francis Stafford Archdiocese of Denver;
  Mr. George Wiegel Ethics and Public Policy Center;
  Dr. John White Geneva College and the National Association of Evangelical    





Could this explain why catholic practices being taught to our youth. Is this document representing the Denomination or Mr.Kent Hill? These  questions  must be addressed to clarify what we as a Denomination believe. Brothers and Sisters we need to band together, before we find ourselves excepting a different Gospel. The walls are being destroyed and we are to sound the  alarm!

Many differences, one faith!

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