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The New Emergent “Translation” ***Updated**

Emergent leaders such as Brian McLaren, Leonard Sweet ( Leonard Sweet will be the plenary speaker at Northwest U.S.A. Regional PALCON Hosted by Northwest Nazarene University 623 Holly Street Nampa, Idaho 83686 ) and Chris Seay who are sick of the being confined by the exacting language of the true scriptures have created their own slippery, ooohy gooohy, “translation” of the Bible that will finally set them free from doctrinal and theological restrictions. The name of this new ‘bible’ is called The Voice.

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If you’d like to experience just how badly the New Emergent ‘Translation’ mangles God’s word, click here to download a pdf of the Emergent version of the Gospel of John.

The Curator of the Museum of Idolatry holds a degree in Biblical languages. According to the Curator, “The New Emergent ‘Translation’ Bible is soooo bad it makes the Message Paraphrase look like a literal translation”.


After learning that the NET Bible is a real, scholarly, and good translation of the Bible we’ve decided to stop referring to the New Emergent ‘Translation’ as the NET Bible.

We’re still looking for new acronyms for this apostate ‘bible’.