Evangelical group leans left

Chad Groening – OneNewsNow – 10/21/2009 6:00:00 AM

Illegal aliens waiting for workA Protestant renewal organization is blasting the National Association of Evangelicals for its liberal stance on illegal immigration.

Earlier this month, the Board of Directors for the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) passed a resolution endorsing so-called “comprehensive” immigration reform. Critics argue, however, that this is nothing more than support of amnesty for illegal aliens.

NAE president Leith Anderson testified before the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugees and Border Security as part of a panel of religious leaders which advocated loosening immigration policies. Mark Tooley, president of The Institute on Religion & Democracy, says the NAE endorsement was appreciated by the head of that panel.

“New York Democrat [Senator] Chuck Schumer understandably greeted the evangelical testimony enthusiastically because, in effect, they were supporting his efforts to revive the idea of comprehensive immigration reform,” says Tooley, “which would, in essence, create a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.”

Mark TooleyAccording to Tooley, this is not the first time the NAE has supported liberal causes.

“The NAE has in the recent past become outspoken on environmentalism and global warming, and then condemn[ed] the U.S. for what it calls ‘torture’ in its interrogation of terror detainees,” the IRD spokesman states. “And next, [the NAE] plans to adopt a petition regarding nuclear disarmament.”

Tooley says at least one member of the NAE — The Salvation Army — has publically disavowed the NAE immigration statement, saying it could not endorse such a political agenda.

Evangelical leaders ‘out on a limb’

Chad Groening – OneNewsNow – 5/13/2010 5:00:00 AM

pen in hand smallA Protestant renewal organization is questioning the decision of several prominent Christian leaders to sign on to a full-page ad calling for a path toward citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.

Last fall OneNewsNow reported that the National Association of Evangelicals passed a resolution calling for a path to citizenship for those who are in the country illegally but want to embrace the responsibility and privileges of citizenship. Now the NAE has released a full-page ad in Roll Call trying to rally support for comprehensive immigration reform that “establishes a path toward legal status and/or citizenship for those who qualify and who wish to become permanent residents.”

Other evangelical leaders like Dr. Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention and Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel have also signed the ad. In comments to The Associated Press, Land described Arizona’s new controversial immigration law as “a symptom, not a solution,” and Staver said it is time to “forge a national concensus” on the issue.

But Alan Wisdom, vice president of research and programs at The Institute on Religion & Democracy, argues that those leaders are going against the majority of their constituents who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.

Alan Wisdom (IRD)“They don’t have their constituency with them — and this is not a clear biblical mandate,” he contends. “The Bible does not tell us what our immigration policy should be.

“Now [the signers of the ad] protest that it’s not an amnesty,” Wisdom continues, “but the definition of amnesty is remitting the penalty that justly would be due for breaking the law — and [in this case] it’s deportation.”

He acknowledges that “hundreds of millions of people around the globe…would probably like to come to the United States if that were possible,” but argues that the U.S. simply cannot accept everyone who wants to enter the country.

“We can’t let everyone in,” he says bluntly. “There should be a strong distinction between folks who follow the proper immigration procedures and people who walk across the border illegally.”

Wisdom believes the evangelical leaders identified on the full-page ad are going out on a limb with their own political judgments without the support of most of their church members.

Immigration 2009 Resolution Endorsements

Below is the list of endorsements for the NAE Immigration 2009 Resolution.


Assemblies of God
Brethren in Christ Church of North America
Church of the Nazarene
Christian Reformed Church in North America
Church of God (Cleveland, Tenn.)
Elim Fellowship
Fellowship of Evangelical Churches
The Foursquare Church
Free Methodist Church of North America
Grace Communion International
International Pentecostal Holiness Church
Missionary Church
Vineyard USA
The Wesleyan Church


The Bilingual Christian Fellowship
The Mission Exchange
National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
World Relief

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